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Photos via Judicial Investigation Organization.

Interpol arrests U.S. citizen in Costa Rica

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Published on Monday, June 10, 2024
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The International Police agents (Interpol) arrested a male U.S. citizen, surnamed Oria (67) in a public area in Herradura Beach in Puntarenas Province.

According to the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ), Oria has been sought on an international warrant as a suspect in a $400 million fraud.

The U.S. State of Florida issued the Red Notice in 2023 in connection with a drug trafficking and counterfeiting investigation.

The suspect was transferred to the Immigration Apprehension Center in San José, where he is waiting for the extradition procedure to the United States to be completed.

According to the U.S. Embassy, a consular officer visits an arrested U.S. citizen after being notified by Costa Rican authorities to ascertain the arrestee’s physical well-being and conditions of arrest, provide information on legal procedures, including a list of attorneys, and, if the prisoner wishes, notify family or friends.

"However, consular officers can't act as attorneys or legal representatives nor affect the release of arrested American citizens," the Embassy noted in its statement.

Costa Rican authorities should notify the U.S. Embassy immediately if a U.S. citizen is arrested. They are obligated to inform a U.S. consular officer of the arrest unless the individual asks that they not do so.

"In limited circumstances, consular officers can also serve as liaisons between you and your family and provide you with a list of local attorneys," they added.

The Embassy officers can also assist with transferring funds from family or friends to pay attorneys’ fees and for the suspect upkeep while incarcerated.

"If you are imprisoned for a lengthy period, a consular officer will visit you periodically, at least once every three to four months, " they noted.

This is one of many cases of foreign citizens arrested in Costa Rica. Recently, a Brazilian male tourist surnamed Campos (59) was apprehended on suspicion of international drug trafficking.

Last year closed with almost 1,000 foreigners deported, according to statistics from Migration. This figure is a 47% increase over the 664 individuals deported in 2022.


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