The Coast Guard officers and the Air Surveillance Service managed to intercept a speedboat near the coast.
- Ministry of Security photo -

Published on Thursday, July 22, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Officials of the National Coast Guard Service in a joint effort with the Air Surveillance Service arrested three foreigners on suspicion of trafficking more than one ton of drugs.

According to the police report, officers of the National Coast Guard Service received an alert about the detection of a speedboat that was crossing Costa Rica maritime territory near the Ballena Bay Marine Park in Osa, Puntarenas Province, in the southern Pacific Coast.

When responding to the alert, the Coast Guard officers and the Air Surveillance Service managed to intercept a speedboat near the coast. The unidentifiable boat had no license plate and no identification flag of the country of origin, the police said.

Upon boarding the vessel, officers discovered a shipment of several large bags containing black packages.

According to the police, the crew members were detained and identified as two Nicaraguan men surnamed Thompson and Valles-Flores, and a Colombian man surnamed Riasco-Montaņo.

The crew, along with the ship and the drugs were taken to the Coast Guard station in Quepos Beach. On the site, specialists from the Drug Control Police conducted a more detailed inspection of the cargo.

Police reported that the shipment contained 1,175 packages of marijuana and 180 packages of cocaine. Each package weighed approximately one kilogram.

Police seized the drugs, the boat, navigation equipment, binoculars, and more than $121 in cash. All items will be held as part of the evidence for the case.

A video of the arrest of the foreigners and the inspection of the cargo was released by the Ministry of Security and can be seen on the AM Costa Rica YouTube channel.

The three suspects were taken before the Prosecutor's Office in Puntarenas. They were interrogated by agents of the Judicial Investigation Organization. And are now waiting for a judge to order pre-trial measures against them for the charge of drug trafficking.

Authorities call for people to report any suspicion of drug sales or trafficking to the confidential line 800-8000-645 or 11-76, where there are bilingual agents who can answer calls in English or Spanish.

This is the third case of a foreigner convicted of transporting cocaine in the past few days.

On Tuesday a U.S. citizen surnamed Collins, 57, was arrested on suspicion of trafficking 11.1 kilos of cocaine.

Also, the police arrested a Dutch citizen on suspicion of trafficking two packages of cocaine.

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