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Wild Costa Rica

Don't miss Costa Rica feria

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Published on Friday, May 17 2024

By Victoria Torley

Are you here in Costa Rica on a vacation? An extended visit? Are you looking toward making a move to Costa Rica in the future, near or distant?

Maybe you are already here but havenít done much exploring. I got the place for you! A feria!

A feria is a farmerís market and so much more. I just got back from our local feria with a load of veggies and fruit, normal fare for a feria. If you want to know what is in season, just stop in at the local feria.

Local coffee was on the list today and we have a grower who sells his product at all the farmerís markets. This time it was a dark roast which I know will be a rich brew.

Then it was the jellies and jams, pitanga (Surinam cherry) jam, tart and tangy because I have mango jam at home. The cashew nuts tempted me and so did the homemade granola, but maybe next time.

You have to make more than one circuit of the feria because there is always something you missed the first time. This time, it was wood carvings, beautiful carvings ready to hang on the wall or door. Yes, I definitely had to have one. This meant a trip to the bank, but such is life.

So, what is all this doing in a gardening column? One of my favorite plant men was there today Ė he usually is Ė and he had an unusual orchid. I snapped it up early in the morning and he kept it in his car for me until I was ready to leave.

Well, there you go Ė the gardening connection. Of course, you can grow a lot of fruits and vegetables in your own garden if (or when) you decide to move to Costa Rica. Until then, you are welcome at the local ferias.

Bring your appetite because there will be lots of things to eat while you are there. Then load up the car with mangos, bananas, giant radishes, and beets the size of softballs. Donít forget the cheese for snacking and those wonderful jams for your toast.

Find more amazing stories about gardening in Costa Rica on 
the Costa Rica Garden website. Regarding questions on this article, Ms. Victoria Torley, gardener columnist, can be reached by emailing