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The so-called Tourist-Corridor La Cruz, which includes  Santa Elena Peninsula, Salinas Bay and the cantons of El Jobo, Puerto Soley, Cuajiniquil and La Cruz.
- Institute of Tourism photo -

Costa Rican and Nicaraguan authorities seek
to increase tourism in Guanacaste

Published Monday, April 26, 2021

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Hoping to increase tourism in Guanacaste Province, ministries from Costa Rica and Nicaragua met in the Municipality of La Cruz.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, the meeting was attended by Anasha Campbell, Minister of Tourism of Nicaragua, Gustavo J. Segura, Minister of Tourism in Costa Rica and authorities representing public institutions in Costa Rica.

They are working on development of plans to increase visitation  in the so-called Tourist-Corridor La Cruz, which includes  Santa Elena Peninsula, Salinas Bay and the cantons of El Jobo, Puerto Soley, Cuajiniquil and La Cruz.

La Cruz canton is on the border between Nicaragua and Costa Rica, so it is a place where investment in the tourism sector could be increased, allowing travel between the border areas of both countries and generating more jobs, said the ministry in its statement.

According to Campbell, the plan seeks to allow a higher flow of tourists in both countries' borders to improve economic development in the area.

The Tourism-Corridor plan was created in 2019 to attract tourists with activities such as visits to petroglyph areas, rural tourism, kite surfing, bird watching, whales, dolphins, diving , snorkeling, fish, the Bolaños Wildlife Refuge Island and other attractions.

“Being a border community and as Costa Rica receives a large number of European travelers, tourists seek opportunities for border tours and here there is a  tourist corridor where the attractions of the Costa Rican northern Pacific Coast  meet the attractions of the Nicaragua southern Pacific Coast, ” said Minister Segura.

This is the second plan announced this month to promote tourism in specific zones of the country.

Recently,  the ministry announced the platform "We are Caribbean" whose objective is to promote downtown Limón, in the Limón Province,  as an authentic tourism destination.

Puerto Limón has enormous cultural wealth for the tourism industry. "For example, in a one-hour walk around Parque Vargas and the Cultural Tourism Center, we saw 19 buildings that are of Costa Rican historical cultural heritage,” said Minister Segura.
According to the ministry, various actors and institutions have joined forces to promote Puerto Limón city.
One of the projects is Heritage Puerto Limón with the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, which consists of a project for recognizing Caribbean Architecture. That includes plans for labeling and signaling of the 18 heritage buildings with technical sheets and QR codes that will provide access to available digital content such as videos, photographs, official files, free content download and more with the support of the Cultural Heritage Center and the National Library.
According to the authorities, independent entrepreneurs should register their business, such as in the Ministry of Finance, Institute of Tourism, Social Security, among other government institutions, to allow them access to funds, loans and support from state institutions.


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