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- Photo via National Convention Center

Costa Rica to host international innovation summit

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Published on Wednesday, August 9, 2023
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Costa Rica will host the "Blockchain Jungle 2023," a game-changing conference aimed at merging the nation's famed sustainability drive with the revolutionary possibilities of blockchain technology.

Set to be held at the National Convention Center, located in Heredia Province on Nov. 16, the event boasts over 30 international and local blockchain and sustainability experts, including Nick Szabo, Perianne Boring, Diego Borgo, and many more. 

They will be joined by Costa Rican experts such as the Minister of Technology Paula Bogantes. 

These thought leaders are set to deliver insightful discussions, workshops, and interactive sessions, shining a spotlight on Costa Rica's potential to be a leading figure in sustainable blockchain innovation.

"Blockchain Jungle 2023 is more than just a conference," said Juan C. Guerrero, Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle. " It's a statement to the world that Costa Rica is ready to be a pioneer in sustainable blockchain technology. "

According to the summit organization, Costa Rica is perfectly poised to make a global mark, setting precedents for other nations to blend technology and eco-consciousness seamlessly. 

"This conference aims not only to be a transformative platform for dialogues around sustainable blockchain solutions but also to celebrate the rich Costa Rican heritage," they said.

Leveraging Costa Rica's commitment to the environment could uniquely position it in the blockchain space, drawing in international stakeholders and catalyzing a thriving eco-conscious blockchain community.

"We're on a mission to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology through sustainability. Blockchain Jungle is a testament to this vision, serving as a platform for technological innovation that respects and preserves our environment," Guerrero said.

The Blockchain Jungle Manifesto reiterates the ethos of this pioneering movement. The pillars of its commitment are: uniting blockchain and sustainability, ensuring inclusivity, transcending borders, celebrating culture, maintaining transparency and trust, emphasizing education and empowerment. They also encourage people to envision a future where technological strides complement, rather than compete with, our environment.


Blockchain Jungle 2023 is one of many summits held in Costa Rica. Recently, the country was designated to host the Annual Summit of the International Association of Convention Centers.

Participation in the summit is one more strategy to increase tourism. Recently, the institute participated in FIEXPO Latin America, the fair specializing in meetings, incentives, conventions and events, held in Panama.

How else could Costa Rican authorities increase convention tourism? 
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