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Wild Costa Rica

- Photo via Tripadvisor -

Costa Rica's beach among top three destinations for U.S. travelers

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Published on Thursday, May 16 2024
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

U.S. travelers around the world continue to place a high priority on summer vacations, according to the annual Summer Travel Index released by Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel guidance platform.

According to the index, Avellana Beach located in Santa Cruz Canton, Guanacaste Province, is one of the top three beaches under the category of “Fastest Growing International Destinations for U.S. Travelers.”

Avellana is a stunning beach with smooth sand and about 2 kilometers of straight shoreline. Known as Little Hawaii, the water boasts big waves and varying slopes, "making it ideal for surfers," reads the report. Along the beach, there are little rocky headlands covered with flora. Visitors may enjoy cool shade from the trees along the shoreline.

"If you're a more budget-conscious traveler, then you may want to consider traveling to Avellana between September and November when hotel prices are generally the lowest," recommended the report. "Peak hotel prices generally start between June and August."

Avellana was third of the top places to visit just behind Maunabo Beach in Puerto Rico and Puerto Rico Beach in Gran Canaria, Spain.

According to the index, 95 % of U.S. travelers are planning to travel as much (51%) or more (44%) than last summer, despite some concern about economic headwinds. What's more, over a quarter (26%) of Americans are planning to spend $5,000 or more on their getaways.

Americans surveyed said they are prepared to open their wallets, prioritizing adventure over other expenditures. Nearly all (92%) U.S. respondents plan to spend at least the same amount on travel as last summer, while more than half expect to spend even more than in 2023.

Of those, many actually plan to level up their travel by taking more trips (44%), traveling for longer (55%), and venturing farther from home, with 44% of respondents planning to travel more than 7 hours to their destination.

"As travel continues to defy expectations, we're seeing an uptick in travel intent, with consumers channeling discretionary spending toward vacations and experiences, despite increasingly squeezed household budgets for many," says Alice Jong, senior research analyst at Tripadvisor. "Travel consumers want to see new places and engage in new experiences, exemplified by the one-third of travelers planning to explore a destination for the first time."

As expected, cost and unpredictable weather top the list of reasons Americans are hesitant to travel, yet despite that, this year's Summer Travel Index revealed that consumers have overwhelmingly positive feelings about their upcoming travel plans, outnumbering those reporting negative ones by a significant margin (86%).

About 4 in 5 Americans said they are comfortable traveling this summer, reporting feelings of "excitement" (67%), "happiness" (65%), and "optimism" (37%) about their summer escapes, which they are planning to "make memories" (50%), "let loose" (41%) and "have an adventure" (36%).

The index highlights that American travelers are seeking entertainment, sporting events, and adventure in the Summer of 2024.

Tourism is one of the most important economic sectors in Costa Rica. Over 800,000 tourists arrived in the country via air between January and March of this year, representing a 16.8% rise over the same period in 2023.

Also, the average spending of tourists who visited Costa Rica in 2023 increased by $300 from 2022, according to authorities.

The country reported a new tourism record reached in 2023, with more than 2,4 million travelers.

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