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Costa Rica Hospital needs blood donors

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Published on Monday, September 18, 2023
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The San Juan de Dios Public Hospital, located in the Colon District in San Josť, needs more donors to increase blood donations.

From Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., the blood bank will have a special schedule for blood donations.


According to the Social Security, all blood types are running low: A positive (A+), A negative (A-), B positive (B+), B negative (B-), AB positive (AB+), AB negative (AB-), O positive (O+) and O negative (O-).

The O+ blood type is the most important because it is carried by the vast majority of the population.

Donors must first schedule an appointment by contacting 2547-8430 or messaging 8803-4245 on WhatsApp. Calls will only be answered in Spanish.

Interested donors must be in excellent health, over the age of 18, weigh at least 110 pounds, have a light breakfast, and have a Costa Rican ID or residence ID with them.

Each donor will be given 450 milliliters of this important liquid, which is around 10% of the volume of retracted blood per person. This volume of removed blood is recovered during the day, so drinking plenty of fluids after each donation is advised.

A person can give blood once every three months, or four times each year.

The blood collected has been used to treat people suffering from conditions such as liver disease and leukemia, among others. Red blood cells are used in emergency transfusions as well as procedures for patients with anemia or blood production disorders.

What has your experience been as a blood donor in Costa Rica?
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