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Photo via Social Protection Board

Costa Rica Gordito lottery winner number 69 serial 357

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Published on Monday, July 8, 2024
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The winner of the "Gordito" jackpot or little chubby lotto was the number 69 with the serial number 357, announced the Social Protection Board, which manages the lottery in Costa Rica.

The half-year lottery was held on Sunday at the Board's headquarters in San Josť and aired on State-owned channel 13 at 7:30 p.m.

To win the Gordito lottery, which takes place every July, you must have the proper two-digit number from 0 to 99 as well as the correct three-digit sequence from 0 to 999.

The lottery consists of three equal sets of ten tickets each. Every set is referred to as an "entero," and one of those tickets is known as a "pedacito."

The $2.2 million jackpot went to the lucky person who bought the three sets with the winning number 69 and serial number 357. The payout for each ticket is around $74,000.

The lottery contained a second reward of about $450,000 for three sets or $15,000 for each ticket with the winning number 74 and serial number 626.

The third award is about $196,000 for each set, or $6,500 per ticket, for the winning number 75 and serial number 061.

The game includes an additional lottery draw for two extra cash prizes known as the "Acumulado" or accumulated jackpot.  The last night bonus was about $4,600 for each set, or $150 per ticket, with the winning number 78 and serial number 150.

More than 100 additional prizes were distributed, ranging from $4 to $1,000 per ticket. To qualify for an extra incentive, the ticket must have the winner's number and serial.

The list of winners for the additional prize tickets may be viewed on the Board's website.

All prizes will be paid immediately and without taxes at the lottery headquarters in downtown San Josť or any Banco de Costa Rica branch in the country.

Anyone residing in Costa Rica, regardless of country, residency, or tourist status, can purchase the lottery, including through the Board's website.

According to the board, lottery profits will be used to support other social aid groups, as well as to pay out commissions to lottery merchants.

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