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Archive photo via Social Protection Board.

Costa Rica's $2M Gordito lottery on Sunday

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Published on Tuesday, July 2, 2024
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Social Protection Board, which is the organization responsible for managing the lottery in Costa Rica, will give a $2.2 million Gordito jackpot or little chubby raffle.

The half-year lottery will take place Sunday, July 7, at 7 p.m. The lottery show will be televised by the State-owned channel 13 and will be live-streaming on the board's YouTube channel.

There is a tradition in Costa Rica to watch the lottery drawing on television and see the three raffle drums produce the series, the number and the prize amid cheers and groans.

The way to win this "Gordito," which is played every year in July, is to have the correct two-digit number from 0 to 99 and the correct three-digit series, from 0 to 999.

The lottery tickets printed by the board are three identical sets of 10 tickets each. Each set is called an "entero" and costs about $38.

Those spending approximately $115 in buying the three sets and are lucky enough to hit the number and series, may win the $2.2 million jackpot.

Players can also buy one fraction of that set, better known as "pedacito," meaning a little piece.

In that case, the fraction costs just $3.85 and you may win about $74,000 per “pedacito."

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In addition to the million-dollar-plus jackpot, there is the second big prize of more than $450,000 and the third big jackpot of $196,000.

The game includes an extra lottery draw for two additional rewars called "Acumulados" or accumulated jackpots. This are additional raffles with six prizes ranging from $3,000 to $3.2 million. The prize will be distributed among the winners with a new combination of one series and number.

The lottery also features 100 more prizes, ranging from $5 to $300 per “pedacito." Also matching with the number and serial on those extra prizes.

All prizes will be paid immediately and without taxes at the lottery headquarters in downtown San José or any Banco de Costa Rica branch in the country.

Any person living in Costa Rica, regardless of their nationality, or resident or tourist status, can purchase the lottery online.

First, fill out a form on the board webpage. The site allows for an unlimited amount of number purchases. All winnings are deposited within 24 hours into the registered bank account.

U.S. citizens, of course, must pay taxes on their winnings to Uncle Sam.

Authorities recommend buying the lottery only in the official stores. This is to avoid price speculation or lottery counterfeiting. 

According to the board, funds collected for the sale of the lottery will be part of the donations programs to other social aid organizations, as well as distributing commissions to lottery vendors.

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