According to specialists, the new tropical wave is expected to generate an increase in thunderstorms along the Pacific coast.
/ A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo.

-Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2019-

Alert on new tropical wave expected to enter in the country today

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The National Meteorological Institute announced that a the new tropical wave will enter the country today. This is number 44 of the year.

According to specialists, the new tropical wave is expected to generate an increase in thunderstorms along the Pacific coast due to the proximity of the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

Sunday, as A.M. Costa Rica previously reported, authorities of the National Commission of Emergencies decreed a green alert for the entire Pacific coast, from the northern zone to the southern zone, and including the Central Valley. Central Valley includes parts of the provinces of 
San José, Cartago, Alajuela and Heredia. The alert does not apply to the Caribbean coast.

Friday the commission said staffers responded to 20 cases related to floods. Also, it said they made 38 inspections in areas at high risk of landslides, floods or tree falls.

According to the weather institute, the rains are forecast to extend late at night, mainly along the Pacific coast, west of the northern zone and in the Central Valley.

The low-pressure system that is over the country is associated with the Intertropical Convergence Zone, and that provides a strong moisture contribution to cause the increase in rainfall, said the institute in its statement.

As A.M. Costa Rica previously reported, the convergence zone, known by sailors as the doldrums or the calms due to the dull, windless weather, is the area where the northeast and southeast trade winds converge. The zone appears as a band of clouds, usually, thunderstorms, that circles the globe near the Equator.

Variations in the location of the convergence zone drastically affect the rainfall in many equatorial nations, resulting in the wet and dry seasons of the tropics rather than the cold and warm seasons of higher latitudes. Longer-term changes in the convergence zone can result in severe droughts or flooding in nearby areas.

Due to the current conditions, people should be alert, especially in areas of high risk due to floods, landslides, or strong wind gusts, said officials. Specialists recommend:

 - Be alert in vulnerable areas to flooding due to sewer saturation, increased river flow and landslides.

 - In case of a thunderstorm, take refuge in a safe place.

 - In case of strong wind gusts be alert to possible falling tree branches or electrical cables.

Authorities asked the public to call 911 to report any possible flooding, falling trees or landslides. More updated information can be found at the National Weather Institute of Costa Rica site.

According to the institute the rainy season, or green season, is usually from May to November. But the increase in the risk of tropical storms or hurricanes is usually between September and October.

The A.M. Costa Rica team asks readers to share this alert among their contacts.

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