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- Photo via Costa Rica Fire Department -

A crocodile found in Puntarenas home

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Published on Thursday, August 24, 2023
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

On Wednesday, a team of firefighters captured a crocodile that was discovered inside a home in the San Luis community of Chacarita Canton in Puntarenas Province.

According to the report filed by the fire department, an emergency call was made at 6 a.m. by a man who sought assistance in capturing a big reptile that had entered his residence.

Unit M-85 attended to the emergency from the El Roble Canton Fire Station.

Upon arrival at the location, the firefighters discovered a massive crocodile measuring approximately three to four meters in length. 

The crocodile was situated at the entrance of a house, posing a potential threat to the residents.

The creature was swiftly captured and transported to a nearby shelter, where trained veterinarians could assess its overall well-being.

No individuals were harmed in the occurrence.

The National System of Conservation Areas (Sinac) is responsible for managing national parks and wilderness areas. They have noted that the rainy season is when crocodiles start their mating season.

In the crocodile world, dominant males often force younger crocodiles out of their territories. As a result, these displaced crocodiles seek refuge in areas where they are not typically found.

Crocodiles are capable of inhabiting both fresh and saltwater environments, which enables them to live in lagoons, rivers, and beaches close to populated regions.

As per Sinac, the Tárcoles River in Puntarenas has the largest number of crocodiles.

Additionally, there are high concentrations of crocodiles in Guanacaste, particularly in the Tempisque, Bongo, and Nosara rivers.

Also, they report that the Matina River in Limon, the Sarapiquí River in Heredia, and the San Carlos River in Alajuela have significant populations of these reptiles.

Authorities are urging the public to take extreme precautions and avoid any interaction with these reptiles.

Experts advise to remain calm and avoid any sudden movements that may provoke the crocodile further. If possible, try to move away slowly from the area while keeping your eyes on the reptile. Remember to prioritize your safety and the safety of others around you in such situations.

In the event of an alligator attack or emergency, it is crucial to contact emergency services immediately by dialing 911.


What have you heard about crocodiles invading populated areas in our community?
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