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At the activity, Correos de Costa Rica presented a new postal issue entitled: 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Free Education / Correos de Costa Rica courtesy photo

Costa Rica celebrates 150 years of public education

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

On April 15, 1869, during the government of Jesús Jiménez Zamora, the Fundamental Charter declared "primary education of both sexes compulsory, free and paid for by the State."

The 150th anniversary of this historic declaration was commemorated on Monday at the Jesús Jiménez School in Cartago* with the presence of the president, Carlos Alvarado, and other government executives.

President Alvarado spoke of the need for a bilingual Costa Rica. "Our main resource is the talent and training of our people. That's why we need a Costa Rica that, without exclusions, builds capacities in girls and boys to face the challenges of the modern world. "

Education Minister, Edgar Mora, said that education has been a priority axis for development. "Our first governors formally expressed a commitment that remains firm in our days, since the emergence of the country we have opted for education as our path to development."

At the activity, Correos de Costa Rica presented a new postal issue entitled: 150th Anniversary of the Declaration of Free and Compulsory Primary Education. It has printed characters that were relevant in the declaration and continuity of the law in favor of public education.

The issue has a value of ₡2.165 colones (about $3.65). Also printed were 5,000 copies of the postage stamp and 1,000 philatelic bulletins, in addition to the postmark display detail of the monument of the former president, Jesús Jiménez.

In the act of celebration, several students wrote messages on postcards, in English, Portuguese and Mandarin.

It was also announced that a team of students from the Jesús Jiménez School will represent Costa Rica at the robotic festival, First World Festival, in Detroit, Michigan, from April 23 to 29, 2019. The students will present robotic solutions for the hygiene of astronauts, with the creation of a spatial shower prototype that works based on the use of clean hydrogen energy. This project of the students was also approved by the aeronautical company Ad Astra.

What improvements should the government make in public education?
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