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Artisans take advantage of new e-commerce platform

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

Costa Rican artisans can promote their products in the NOVICA e-commerce platform, which has a social orientation and is associated with National Geographic, according to the promoter of foreign trade.

Indigenous masks from the Boruca people, Chorotega indigenous ceramics, wood pieces, glass, silver and leather jewelry, recycled bags and more, are part of the products found in the handmade in Costa Rica catalog, included in the platform.

"NOVICA is an excellent platform to display the handicrafts produced in Costa Rica before the international market, all under very high quality standards," said Álvaro Piedra, director of the foreign trade promotion agency.

He added that this online exhibit is beneficial for a business segment that needs a greater boost for the development of their businesses.

"NOVICA empowers the artist by giving voice and vote, always under the concepts of fair trade,” said its representative, Diego Chacón.

Chacón said that, thanks to the diversity and good quality of the Costa Rican offerings, the response on the platform has been very positive.

The NOVICA platform is now able to place handicrafts in more than 100 countries under the slogan, "Spread Happiness," with the commitment to connect artisans with global customers who have a social conscience, build a sustainable business for this type of art and preserve artistic traditions.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo      
An example of an indigenous Boruca mask,
available at the platform.

The promotion agency intends to continue promoting e-commerce to help entrepreneurs to get on platforms such as Amazon and explore the options they offer in countries such as Canada, Mexico and Japan.

The artisans involved in the initiative also expressed their satisfaction with the platform.










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