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Costa Rica is a fisherman's dream. Pacific, Caribbean, even big lakes and streams. But the dream can become a nightmare if all a visitor relies on are promises on some Web page.

A.M. Costa Rica is committed to present Costa Rica's quality captains and their boats. We accept advertising only from fully registered and insured sports boats that also are listed with the Instituto Costarricense de Turismo. These are quality professionals who will give the visiting sportsman full value and thrilling catches.

The Pacific can be tricky with underpowered boats and inattentive captains. The Caribbean can be a maze for the inexperienced. Even Lake Arenal has an unpleasant side sometimes. So we want our visitors to be safe and having a great time.

The sportsfishing operators on this page want the same thing. Visitors are well advised to stick with our advertisers for the experience of a lifetime with no regrets.
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