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30 meter bridge cost more than
$1 million, said Ministry of Public Works

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Public Works, through the National Highway Council, announced that 56 percent of a 30 meter bridge has been completed in the southern area. The bridge will cost ¢644 million colones (about $1,055,516).

That is equivalent to an investment of $35,183 per meter.

The Council said that the sector known as El Hoyón* on national route # 243 between Pérez Zeledón* and Dominical beach* will have a faster traffic flow once the new bridge is put into service. The new bridge replaces the old one lane bridge that impeded traffic flow. “This work must be completed by April 2019," said the Council statement

The bridge will be 30 meters long by 12.25 meters wide. It will have a lane for each direction and pedestrian sidewalks on both sides of the road.

The bridge, when completed, will make it easier to transfer from San Jose to El General, Pérez Zeledón, Dominical, Uvita, Bahía Ballena and Quepos.

As A.M. Costa Rica reported on Feb 8, the Ministry of Public Works announced that it had invested more than $12 million in the maintenance of 32 kilometers of highway.

The Ministry says that those repairs had begun on 32 kilometers of highway #32, between the Virilla Bridge* in Tibás and the Sucio River*. The total investment for repairs is ¢ 7,600 million colones ($12,437,020) and is being provided through the Road and Bridge Conservation contracts.

The Ministry said the work is being carried out from 6 am to 3 pm, Monday through Sunday. The current work is from the Rio Sucio to the capital in San José.

The road area between Doña Lela Restaurant and the toll booth, said the Ministry, was completed last year and demarcation of the highway is underway.

The authorities of the National Council of Roads said that for the first time in the history of the road, it will be painted with a kind of resin that withstands high temperatures and has a useful life of up to five years.
Ministry of Public Works courtesy

  The bridge will cost about $1,055,516. that is equivalent to an investment of $35,183 per meter.

The Ministry hopes that road rehabilitation project, and the painting, will last for ten years.

All the sites with new asphalt are being marked with a solvent paint to guide users who will install the next layer of asphalt mix or mark the road with thermoplastic paint.

“The work on the Braulio Carrillo route includes modifications to the asphalt mix that serves as the surface of the ring, said the Ministry. In the first section, between Tibás and the toll, the road surface will increase from 7 cm of asphalt mix to17 cm, of which 15 cm of asphalt mix with the polymer. This is an additive that improves the life of the road.” said the Ministry on its statement

Also in the second section, between the toll and the Sucio River, a change will be made in the surface level of the ring. It will go from 12 cm of asphalt mix to 11.5 cm additional of asphalt mix with polymers.

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*Link to reach the place on map.