Published Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Is it safe to have your full-mouth
restoration in Costa Rica?

By Jennifer Steadman
Costa Rica Dental Guide
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A full mouth restoration is a major dental undertaking. Many patients choose to repair a mouth full of damaged teeth with new crowns. Some patients find themselves in need of an All on 4 dental implants procedure. Perhaps you’ve been considering a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica. Whatever the case, the high price of most major dental procedures in the USA and Canada puts these treatments out of financial reach for most patients.

The good news is that you can expect to enjoy a major cost savings in Costa Rica. The majority of patients save from fifty to eighty percent on most dental treatments in Costa Rica. This amounts to substantial savings for patients seeking a full mouth restoration. Despite the savings, you might still be wondering how safe a full mouth reconstruction procedure is in Costa Rica.

You don’t have to worry about safety, reliability, professionalism and top-notch care when you choose Costa Rica for your full mouth restoration. Costa Rica’s community of highly trained dental professionals can provide you with the same or an even better level of care that competes with dental care offered in US, Canada and Europe.

In fact, Global Clinic Rating conducted global research on the best dental clinics in the world. Out of 126,000 dental clinics worldwide, only one clinic in the Americas, from Canada to Argentina, made it into the top ten best dental clinics in the world. Goodness Dental in Costa Rica was ranked as the #6 dental clinic in the world. No other dental clinic in the USA, Canada or any other country in the western hemisphere made it into the top ten list.

It begins with training. Dentists in Costa Rica are required to take five years of college-level courses at institutions of higher learning that are considered to be some of the best in all of Latin America. Many also receive additional training outside the country.

In order to practice dentistry in Costa Rica your dental professional must be registered and have obtained the proper license and specialized training. You can verify if the dentist you choose in Costa Rica is properly certified by looking for the Costa Rican Health Chamber seal of approval. You can also contact to request a free referral to the best dental clinics in Costa Rica for your specific needs.

Costa Rica’s community of dental professionals offer a full range of dental procedures, including full-mouth restorations. You can also rest assured that dental clinics in Costa Rica are equipped with the latest technology including 3D x-rays for providing the most accurate dimensions of your mouth. The latest technology in x-ray scanning guides the creation of replacement teeth in the dental laboratory. Most Costa Rica dental labs are equipped with the latest in dental technology.

Looking for a recommendation on what dentist to choose? Sites like Costa Rica Dental Implant Institute and Costa Rica Dental Guide are good places to search for leading clinics. You’ll also find that most dental clinics in Costa Rica have English-speaking staff that can respond to your questions over the phone or by email.