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Published Monday, June 29, 2020

Hygienic guidelines obligatory
for business reopening

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

To gradually revive the economy and avoid the spread of covid-19 infections, the Ministry of Commerce announces the publication of the obligatory guidelines for companies reopening.

The implementation of hygiene actions, customer and employee care guidelines should be a commitment in all companies as of their reopening, authorities said.

"Reactivation of commercial activities is essential to start the recovery of the economy due to covid-19 and we know that the country's companies are making great efforts to go ahead," said Victoria Hernández, Minister of Economy. "We invite you to commit to the guideline to guarantee a responsible and reliable service for customers."

The guideline recommends, among other precautionary measures, the rotation of cashier areas so that the disinfection process will be fluid and fast, as well as the disinfection of shopping carts, used by customers.

In the case of companies in the textile commercial sector, such as clothing stores, the use of fitting rooms should set an entrance control by workers from the store, it must be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

For businesses such as the sale of jewelry, watches, technology, cellphones, and bookstores, all the specific guidelines should be applied to avoid spreading the virus.

Other recommendations include establishing the order in which customers enter and leave stores. It is recommended that alcohol gel dispensers or other sanitizing solutions be installed to allow customer disinfection. As well as the use of face masks, among other recommendations.

The guideline of hygienic practices includes recommendations for companies that directly attend clients, such as restaurants, banks, clinics, shops, markets, among others. It also includes precautionary and hygiene measures for workers of all types of business, such as call centers, home delivery services, among many others.

The guidelines specify controlling the number of clients allowed in the place, the proper way to allow entry of people, customer service for both business or home services, as well as promoting simple actions such as giving customer service appointments or establish special hours of operation for the high-risk population, said the ministry of commerce in its statement.

According to the ministry, some companies have been able to keep their facilities open, attending the guidelines ordered by the health authorities.

In addition to explaining how to apply hygienic measures, the guideline includes recommendations for developing a business plan, guidelines on waste management, actions to take for employees with disabilities, managing the situation in the event of a suspected case or contagion by covid-19, among others.

The guideline for the reopening of businesses is published in Spanish on the website of the ministry.  It includes a form to send comments or queries to the ministry. They also activated the email address for inquiries.

It is recommended that one representative from the company, specifically the manager, make any inquiries by calling the Ministry of Economy phone 506-2549-1400.

The Ministry of Health announced that random inspections will be carried out on companies to verify compliance with the guidelines. These visits will be taking place throughout the country, with special emphasis on the geographical areas for which a level of alert has been issued by the National Emergency Commission.

What have you heard about businesses in your community not applying hygiene measures to contain the virus? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to


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