Published Friday, July 3, 2020

Holistic dental care in Costa Rica

By Dr. Karen Yurell
Goodness Dental
-Paid Partnership-

For many people living in Costa Rica, a natural lifestyle that honors and mirrors the glorious natural surroundings is, well, just natural! Is it any wonder that visitors are enchanted? What other place on Earth could hold sloth events where the winner climbs a mere meter and eats a flower, or where yoga is a daily practice for so many?

But while healthy holistic living is widely held to be the standard, and people travel from all over the world to discover the rich range of holistic health offerings, there is one area where many people—locals and travelers alike—fail to fully take advantage of all that Costa Rica has to offer. In short, we often forget about holistic dental care. 

Good dental health is absolutely an essential component of good overall health. On some level we understand this. For example, daily tooth brushing is as much a part of our health routine as what we eat and how we exercise. But unless we are in pain, it is easy to put off the other routine care we need including routine dental exams and cleaning; the stuff we have to “go to the dentist” for. And sometimes we even neglect attending to our more serious dental issues—decay, tooth loss, gum disease, removal of mercury fillings, etc.

For many people living in the US or Canada, one of the reasons we procrastinate is because of the expense involved in getting the more serious treatments we need. For example, many people who have missing teeth do nothing because dental implants are just too expensive. Patients in the USA and Canada often report estimates of $3000 to $4000 USD or more for a single dental implant. In Costa Rica, most dental tourism clinics that cater to international patients, offer dental implants for $1000 or less. (It is cautioned however for patients that choose dental clinics based on price alone. Some dental clinics offer low prices but may cut corners by using substandard materials or general dentists instead of specialists.)

It isn’t a secret that Costa Rica is the home of some of the most sophisticated dentistry in the world. Low cost, high-quality dental care in Costa Rica attracts travelers who appreciate both our flourishing eco-tourism hot spots, and the ability to get top quality dental care for a fraction of the price they would pay at home.

Holistic and bio-dental clinics have proliferated in Costa Rica over the past years. Patients seeking safe removal of mercury fillings and other biological dental procedures often seek reputable places to receive their care. Goodness Dental has emerged as a clear leader, offering a wide range of bio-dental procedures along with referrals to a complement of holistic, alternative health treatments for patients seeking a more natural approach to care. Goodness Dental is an American bio dental clinic offering unique, biologically supportive protocols based on proven research and technology and using minimally invasive techniques in addition to a wide range of traditional dental procedures. Patients may choose from many approaches and procedures with the guidance of the largest Costa Rica dental team of specialists.

Patients seeking biological dentistry in Costa Rica are encouraged to choose reputable clinics that offer clear, evidence-based research prior to engaging in alternative treatments. Goodness Dental offers a consultative approach that makes patients feel safe and comfortable as they learn about procedures and receive easy to understand recommendations from their team of leading specialists.

So, no matter where you call home, when the need arises, consider Costa Rica as a leading dental destination for holistic dental care at prices that will allow you to enjoy all the natural beauty that Costa Rica offers.