Published  Friday, July 10, 2020

Electrical wiring puts
wild animals at risk

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Exposed electrical wiring for internet service among others, could put the lives of wild animals at risk, announced the Ministry of the Environment on Thursday.

Complaints can be made directly on the Denuncias Publico website of the ministry, or by calling the telephone number 1192.

According to the ministry, even though the companies that provide electrical services have carried out a process of continuous improvement in their performance, more than 7,000 wild animals suffered accidents with electrical wiring. Among these are mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Due to this situation, authorities call on people to report exposed electrical cables that could be a risk to wild animals.

Follow the steps to make an online complaint using their specific site:

• Enter the module "Ingrese su Denuncia", enter your complaint in English.

• Choose the type of complaint from the 17 options. To report injured animals, you must enter the Biodiversity and Wildlife options.

• Enter the location of the exposed cables. Then, enter your ID number and contact information.

The system automatically assigns a complaint case identification number to track progression of the case.

The results of the investigation and the following procedures will be automatically notified to the complainer via email.

According to the statistics provided by the ministry, the Alajuela Province leads in the number of registered complaints with 4,468. Then there is Heredia Province with 1,003 complaints, making it the place with the fewest number of cases.

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