The cost of the new facilities is $63 million.
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-Published: Monday, January 27, 2020

Construction starts on $63 million in new hangars at Alajuela airport

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Cooperativa de Servicios Aeroindustriales R.L. announced on Friday the start of the construction of more hangars on land next to the Juan Santamaría International Airport in Alajuela.

COOPESA is a Costa Rican company operating in the airport facilities, providing restoration, repair, painting and equipment implementation among other services to airplanes.

According to the firm, the cost of the new facilities is $63 million. The construction will be developed by Eurofinsa S.A. under the administration of Aeris Holding Costa Rica, S.A., the company in charge of managing the airport.

The construction includes three hangars, ramps for the circulation of aircraft, security accesses, office areas and green areas. It is estimated that the new facilities will be built in 2022, the firm said.

“The placement of the first stone means the basis of what has been a dream of decades for COOPESA to have new and modern facilities, which will have the most advanced technology, will double the capacity to maintain aircraft, expand services and increase the hiring about 400 technicians in aeronautical maintenance, ” said Ennio Rodríguez, firm manager manager, using the acronym by which the company is known.

According to Rodríguez, the new hangars will guarantee the simultaneous attention of 12 aircraft and the expansion of maintenance and repair services to more sophisticated, larger and complex airplanes.

Also, the company signed an agreement with the Ministry of Labor to promote the training of technicians in aeronautical maintenance with people in social vulnerability, who are participating in the program known as Empléate, which means employment in English.

"The first promotion of technicians in aeronautical maintenance, made up of 30 employees, will begin training at Fundepos University starting next February 10," said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez also announced the company's agreement with the Boeing Co., which includes training, and the reconversion program to transform passenger aircraft to freighters, with the 737-800 models.

Currently, COOPESA pays the government rent for the use of an area inside the airport.

What improvements could the authorities make at Juan Santamaría airport? 
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