A.M. Costa Rica Archive
Published Friday, March 20, 2020


Two U.S. citizens finished coronavirus
quarantine as infected cases rise to 113

The Ministry of Health confirmed, in a midday Friday press conference, two U.S. citizens finished the coronavirus covid-19 quarantined. ➡️ Continue reading

Coronavirus deaths rise to 2
as 87 test positive for Covid-19
Ministry of Health confirmed on Thursday the second patient killed by Covid-19. ➡️ Continue reading

Alert on CovidLock app malware
On Thursday specialists from the Ministry of Technology issued an alert to the public about the app titled CovidLock. ➡️ Continue reading

 What to do with all this time.....
Well, here we are, stuck in our homes and quite possibly bored out of our skulls. What will keep us from going absolutely batty?  ➡️ Continue reading

Companies must reimburse tickets price
for cancellation of massive events

Mass cancellations of large events, because of preventive measures against coronavirus covid-19 emergency, leave companies refunding clients the full cost of paid tickets. ➡️ Continue reading

Police seize $124,000-plus in counterfeit merchandise
On Thursday, police announced the confiscation of 11,273 units of alleged counterfeit products valued at $124,171. ➡️ Continue reading


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