The Nestlé Costa Rica S.A. has already filed a complaint with the ministry, in regards to the counterfeit cheese.
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Published Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Alert on sale of counterfeit
Nestle cheese

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Ministry of Health warns about the detection of the sale of counterfeit Nestle brand processed cheese.

According to the alert, 75-unit cheese packages were detected in a supermarket located in Flores District, Heredia Province, which was not imported by the Nestlé Costa Rica Company.

The ministry does not provide the name of the supermarket, as the investigation of the allegedly smuggled product continues. However, the cheese packages have a production batch registration No.01850219.

The Nestlé Costa Rica S.A. has already filed a complaint with the ministry, in regards to the counterfeit cheese. The fraudulent product is a risk for consumers as it is not possible to trace the merchandise, nor can it be guaranteed that it has been properly handled, stored and transported. The product could be damaged, contaminated or adulterated.

According to the General Health Law, the importation, preparation, use, possession for sale, trade, free transfer, handling, distribution and storage of altered or contaminated, adulterated food is prohibited. The people involved in any of these activities are exposed to various sanctions.

Ministry specialists recommend taking the following actions to avoid buying contraband products:

• Before buying food, always check the condition of the packaging or container. Real packaging will indicate the name of the company, the lot number, expiration date and the health registration number issued by the Ministry of Health.

• Buy food from places with a Sanitary Permit from the Ministry of Health.

• To the owners of supermarkets: do not sell, use or consume food when it is suspected as counterfeit.

• Report to the Ministry of Health any suspicion of sale of counterfeit products. Complaints should be made by email, or by calling the line 2223-0333.

The company Nestle Costa Rica S.A. asks the public to report any suspicious sale of counterfeit products of that brand to the line 0800-507-4000 or by sending an email,

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