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Published on Thursday, October 7, 2021
By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

Despite the strict driving restrictions implemented by the government to try to stop the contagion of covid-19, forcing many drivers to not use their cars after 9 p.m., this year, from January to August, the Traffic Police has fined 34,202 drivers for breaking the Traffic Law.

According to the police report, of the total penalties, 22,819 drivers were cited for wrongful parking.

The fine for this infraction is about $90. Officers have the choice to seize the vehicle license plate number. This leaves the driver having to hire a towing service since the law prohibits driving any type of vehicle without its plates.

Vehicles were most ticketed for parking on a curve, blocking a corner, near a fire hydrant, blocking a ramp for people with disabilities, over sidewalks, blocking access to the garage of houses or shops or even in places where there are “no parking” signs, among others.

Police also reported having fined 6,522 drivers, in the same period, for not using safety devices like wearing a seatbelt. They must pay about $180, according to the Traffic Law. Of the total fines, 4,822 drivers were fined for not wearing a seatbelt, the rest were passengers fined for not wearing their seatbelt.

Authorities fined 3,211 riders for not using their helmet or incorrectly using it. Additionally, another 1,650 riders were fined for transporting a passenger who wasn’t wearing a proper helmet.

A much higher fine, of approximately $360 goes to drivers for transporting children under the age of 12 who were not using a booster seat, or in the case of riders for transporting children under the age of 5 on a motorcycle.

According to the law, the fine for carrying children under the age of 5 on a motorcycle is approximately $360, plus the 4 point penalty on the driving record of the person who commits the infraction.

Drivers who want to appeal a fine made by traffic police have the option of claiming by email.

Also, vehicle owners whose license plates were seized by traffic officers could recover them through home delivery services.

People can report any case of faults to the Traffic Law by dialing the 911 emergency line.

What is the most expensive traffic fine in your country? We would like to know your thoughts on this story. Send your comments to news@amcostarica.com

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