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Costa Rica refuses to accept
the electoral results in Venezuela

By A.M. Costa Rica

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued an official document Monday saying the country will not acknowledge Sunday’s electoral results in Venezuela which re-elected President Nicolás Maduro for six more years.

"This process has been flawed since the very beginning and did not meet the international standards of a pluralistic, free, democratic and transparent electoral process," said the ministry.

The situation is worrisome that the election did not include the participation of all the political actors or independent international observers, which weakens democracy, according to the document.

Likewise, Costa Rica said it ratifies its unwavering commitment to democracy, fundamental freedoms and the rule of law based on a robust institutional framework.

The ministry added that the government of Costa Rica recognizes the value of dialogue if there is going to be a restoration of representative democracy for the people of Venezuela.

The Lima Group, which includes Costa Rica, has also questioned the legitimacy of the electoral process carried out in Venezuela.

"We ask citizens not to visit Venezuela," said Vice President Epsy Campbell Monday morning.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo image   
Nicolás Maduro will be president of Venezuela
for the next six years.

After the election results, the Foreign Ministry said it will expedite the due process of Costa Ricans who are in Venezuela and wish to return home. The process will not be unilateral but will have the support of the Lima Group.

Costa Rica has had no ambassador in Venezuela since March 2015.

Lima Group members will meet their with their ambassadors about the Venezuelan elections

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Lima Group, comprised by the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Saint Lucía, agreed to reduce the level of diplomatic relations with Venezuela and said the countries will carry out consultations with their ambassadors in Caracas.

In that statement Monday, members confirmed that they do not recognize Sunday's elections in Venezuela because the vote did not comply with the international standards of a democratic, free, fair and transparent process.

In addition, they group announced that it will issue a new resolution on the situation in Venezuela during the 48th session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States.

The Lima Group was created in August 2017 in the Peruvian capital to monitor the Venezuelan crisis.

The governments of the group said they believe that the constitutional order in Venezuela has broken down and want that country to return to democracy.

The current Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, was re-elected Sunday for the period from 2019 to 2025, achieving 5,823,828 votes, or 68 percent of the total votes, according to the National Electoral Council.

The closest opponent, Henri Falcón, obtained 1,820,552 votes and denounced multiple irregularities.

The statement also requested the authorities of each country to issue warnings to the financial and banking sector about the risks of making deals or operations with a Venezuelan government.

The group also requests that the financial intelligence units and authorities of each country issue and update national guidelines that alert financial institutions about the corruption in the Venezuelan public sector.

They also call on a coordination of actions so that the international and regional financial organizations not to grant loans to the government of Venezuela.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo   
Representatives of the Lima Group (including Peruvian Foreign Minister Cayetana Aljovín in center) at the Torre Tagle palace in Lima, Peru.

In the statement they also talk about their, "concern for the deepening political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis that has deteriorated life in Venezuela, which is reflected in the massive migration of Venezuelans."

Given the migratory situation of Venezuelans, they called for a meeting in Lima in the first 15 days of June during which those responsible for immigration and refugees could exchange experiences and define guidelines for a comprehensive response to the crises. The response would include issues of migratory facilities and identity documents.

The statement also adds that the countries of the Lima Group will consider, "the possibility of making financial contributions to the competent international organizations to strengthen the migratory flow of Venezuelans."

Although there are no official data, some figures put the Venezuelan emigration rate at more than 4 million people, of which 550,000 are officially located in Colombia, according to the El Nacional newspapers in Caracas.

Driving-test routes can now be checked online beforehand

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

Future drivers ready to take the practical driving test in the coming months now have the possibility of downloading the external route that will be evaluated on the day of their appointment.

They can find the respective maps on the website of the Directorate of Road Safety, according to the institution.

Hugo Jiménez, director of road education, said the information is being made available to users in order to provide more transparency about the test and motivate them to prepare themselves better, to practice the route in order to avoid unforeseen events and reduce anxiety.

"It is important that people know the evaluator cannot evaluate a different route to that established in the maps from the website. By making this information available to citizens, we seek to make the process more transparent and provide a tool so that people may prepare better,” said Jiménez.

Each site has a description of how drivers are evaluated according to the type of license sought, including motorcycle and light or heavy vehicles.

The map has the main reference points located on the route and can be viewed online or downloaded in PDF format to be carried on the phone or printed.

Ministry of Public Works and Transports photo   
By showing what their test routes are, the authorities seek to make the process more transparent.

The test evaluates the respect and knowledge of road signs as well as the behavior and skill of the future driver.

The maps are available here




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Second news page

Country needs to fine tune the election
process for magistrates, say experts

By AM Costa Rica staff

The process of appointing magistrates in Costa Rica has important flaws that should be addressed by applying new a methodology according to experts who analyzed the process.

That recommendation was made by expert Luis Antonio Gónzales and a panel of several legislative advisors and issued to the Special Permanent Commission of Nominations of the Legislative Assembly. According to the group, changes in the process would mean better appointments to the judiciary.

Some of the measures proposed include written examination, a psychological evaluation and an analysis of the reports issued by each candidate. 

The initiative aims to divide the process into five phases.

First, the applicant must achieve at least 80 percent on a written test prepared jointly by the nation’s accredited law faculties.

Second, the applicant will have to pass a psychological evaluation.

Third, the curriculum and reports of the candidate will be evaluated and quantitative values for professional experiences will be assigned.

Forth, each applicant would go through an interview process and each would be asked the same questions.

Finally, there would be a "well-founded objections" phase, during which citizens could be heard and could explain their reasons why a candidate would not be fit for the post. The legislators would analyze each comment and send it to the applicant, who would have a period of five days respond.

Upon completion of the process, a short list of suitable candidates would be recommended to the Plenary by the commission.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo        
The current election process of magistrates should have a better methodology, according to the experts.

Currently, the legislative laws require the magistrates to comply with 32 requirements before each is granted ten minutes to make a presentation before the legislature where congressmen may or may not ask questions.

According to González, the current procedure lacks transparency, since the citizens and the media do not know the well-founded reasons why the deputies are inclined towards one appointment or another. In addition, the he said that there are lobbying practices with which the applicants try to curry favor their their candidacy.

The ex-judge of the Inter-American Court on Human Rights and member of the independent panel, Manuel Ventura, added the need to establish a professional profile for the post of magistrate according to the needs, as well as limitations of the reelections and increase the minimum age at which someone can occupy the position, considering the magistracy as the culmination of a career.

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Third news page

National University and Guanacaste residents
join efforts to improve drinking water quality

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

At the Potrero-Caimital micro-watershed, residents of Guanacaste and the National University are promoting the creation of a new quality management model for drinking water.

The Potrero-Caimital Aquifer, located in the canton of Nicoya, is the main source of water for Nicoya and part of Hojancha, so it is essential to create a water quality management model for that micro-basin, according to Rigoberto Rodríguez, the university researcher in charge of the project.

He also said that several agricultural activities were identified on site and could be potential hazards because they are very close to water collection points.

The results of this study should be a water quality monitoring plan, including the municipality, institutions, researchers and others, he said.

The study area is composed of two micro-basins: the Potrero River, which runs northwest, and the Caimital River.

He pointed out that in the micro basin there are many permanent and intermittent streams which also make part of the four main rivers of the micro-basin: the Curime River, which joins the Potrero River, and the Caimital River, which changes its name to Gamalotal River downstream.

"The rivers present in the study area are exposed to pollution, not only because of activities related to agriculture, but also due to sources of human and animal origin, making them vulnerable," he added.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo      
The basin is at risk of pollution due to agricultural activities.

Some other supporters of the project are the Regional Institute for Studies on Toxic Substances, the Center for Water Resources for Central America and the Caribbean and the Mesoamerican Center for Sustainable Development, which is part of the university.











Fourth news page

Employers told to abide by new resolution
on name changes linked to gender identity
By A.M. Costa Rica staff

Last week the Supreme Electoral Tribunal issued a resolution which allows people to change their names on their identity cards according to their gender identity. The measure will force employers to adapt to the new rules.

The name changes on the card go beyond a change of name and the elimination of the word sex on the document, according to Randall González, member of the BLP law firm and an expert in labor laws.

"The companies, institutions and all types of organizations must adjust to the new requirements, comply with the law and avoid being the target of lawsuits," González said.

For example, once the employee notifies his employer of the name change, all documents, such as pay slips, reports to the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, insurance policies, internal records, warnings, notifications and even private identity cards should be modified as soon as possible, the lawyer said.

However, there are other documents that may await renewal, such as contracts, policies and agreements between the parties. In this case the employer is not obliged to change them immediately, only if he prefers to and does so through an addendum, said the lawyer.

"For legal purposes, even if the person changes his or her name by gender identity, the work contract that is already signed is still valid. The responsibilities and obligations between the parties do not change," González added.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo    
The ruling has a direct impact in labor relationships.

In the event that the employer fails to comply, the employee could even claim employment discrimination, and the employer could be subject to economic sanctions determined by a judge.

According to the election tribunal, about 150 requests for a name change are pending.

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Fifth news page

Transitioning to a green economy could generate millions
of jobs, says International Labor Organization

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

Millions of jobs can be generated in Latin America while decreasing labor costs caused by environmental problems if the region undertakes a transition to a green economy, the International Labor Organization said Monday at a press release delivered in Lima.

A sustainable and environmentally friendly economy can bring many benefits to the countries of the region, according to the report and José Manuel Salazar-Xirinachs, the director of the organization for Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report stressed that efforts to fight climate change by 2030 will generate a positive balance of 18,000 million jobs worldwide in sectors such as construction and manufacturing.

"Undoubtedly, the world of work is intrinsically related to the environment as a part of the planet with abundant natural resources, coastal areas and a great diversity of ecosystems," he said.

Salazar-Xirinachs said that it is necessary to take measures to take advantage of the enormous opportunities posed by the sustainability of the environment but also to effectively face their threats in the transition of traditional industries to greener industries.

He said the fight against climate change also implies a possible destruction of jobs, so he considered it necessary to guarantee that workers have access to social protection and acquire the right set of qualifications.

According to Guillermo Mont, an organization specialist in labor econometrics, “Latin America and the Caribbean will generate at least one million jobs as a result of the use of renewable energy, greater energy efficiency in buildings and the higher demand for electric cars.”

The study also shows Latin America could generate another four million jobs with the development of the so-called circular economy, which promotes reuse, repair, recycling and greater durability of goods.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
The ILO report tries to link nature preservation and
economic development.

Mont emphasized that the transition to a green economy implies changes in almost all economic sectors, including energy, agriculture, transport, construction, mining, and fishing.

Mitigation measures will avoid negative effects for the 75 million laborers in the Americas who work in ecosystem processes, such as agriculture, tourism and fishing, which can be affected by climate, pollution and over-exploitation.

The increase in temperatures can also have unusual effects on the future of work, since between 0.8 percent and 0.6 percent of working hours in Central and South America could become too hot to work, with consequences on productivity, health, and safety, the report said.

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Sixth news page
Man suspected of killing his own father
will serve six months in preventive detention

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The Upala Prosecutor's Office succeeded in getting six months of preventive detention against a man accused of murdering his father. The hearing took place Sunday.

The investigation began as a result of events that took place between Wednesday and Thursday in Cuatro Bocas de Upala inside the house of the suspect.

The man is accused of using a wooden board to hit his father's over the head and kill him. He is also accused of digging a hole next to his house and burying the body.

Thursday the suspect told a relative that his father was missing and, along with other neighbors, the relative looked for him in the vicinity and then located the body in the back of the house.

The house of the deceased man was searched by police and evidence related to the homicide was found and linked to the suspect, authorities said.

The case remains under investigation under file18-000343-0798-PE.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
Authorities believe a blow to the head
could have killed the man.

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For personal inspection and more information contact: Call Hilda at 7273-5699 (Spanish) or Frank (English) at 506-7087-0916


New Beautiful One Bedroom Home For Rent

Palmares, Alajuela: This new beautiful large one bedroom home, fully furnished with views of the surrounding mountains from the living room and patio , is on a compound with 4 other homes with swimming pool and rancho with TV and barbecue.
The property is very secure and has fabulous gardens and
a variety of fruit trees. The house rents for $650.00 a month which covers all the utilities cable TV and high speed internet.
One year lease required.


Web page palmarescostarica.us

Code 9374-061118

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Tropical Homes of Costa Rica is offering the best selection of vacation homes, condos and long-term rental homes in Playa Flamingo, Playa Potrero and Playa Brasilito on the Pacific Gold Coast of Guanacaste. A wide selection of private residencies is providing an excellent choice for your stay in this beautiful part
of Costa Rica.We are offering homes for every budget and every need. Please visit our Web page at www.tropicalhomesofcostarica.com or contact us at rentals@tropicalhomesofcostarica.com or
call at (506) 2654-5442

Real Estate For Sale
(paid category)


Beautiful Balinese Style House
Price $299,000


Beautiful villa of 120m2 with pool overlooking the sea and the valley of 5400m2. Magnificent house with charm in wood and refined marquetry, furnished, very beautiful Balinese style. With its two very spacious bedrooms and bathrooms, plus a mezzanine also very spacious that can accommodate another room and / or an office. A living-dining room with its American kitchen and its large wooden terrace of 70 m2, overlooking the pool and the green and tropical valley of 180 degrees, which ends with a view of the sea. To these is added a beautiful garden of 5400 m2 of tropical trees and decorated with Indonesian imported stone elements. Ideally located in terms of calm and serenity of the place. Finally, being in this heavenly environment, the property is less than 15 minutes from beaches and shops.

More information here

Contact Us:
Email: mariogendron93@yahoo.ca
CR cellphone: (506) 8360-6620

Visit Our Contact Page http://www.palmaspacifica.com/


Colinas Del Sol


Fenced Gated Parcels for Sale
* Colinas del Sol is a fenced and gated project in a quiet area. * There are 88 clear titled parcels. * Mountain areas with great views.
* Gently sloping level areas ideal for hobby farms, gardening, fruit trees. * Quiet place to get away from the busy city and beach crowds. * All lots have gravel roads to them, water and electricity at each. * Parcels are 5,000 sq. meters or larger, starting at only $50,000 USD * Located in Libertad, Guanacaste, northwest Pacific area of Costa Rica. * 20 minutes to the Liberia International Airport * 15 minutes to the Pacific Beaches * 10 minutes to Medical Facilities * 25 minutes to the Liberia Hospital * 5 minutes to Vista Ridge Golf Club

In Costa Rica, Jeffrey Sandi Murray: jsandimurray@colinasdelsolcr.com
In the USA and Canada contact Jim Day: jimday50@aol.com or call +517-484-3675
For more information: www.colinasdelsolcr.com
Code: 9342-090318


Vista Verde Del Mar
(Green View of the Sea)

* 4.4 hectares / 10.91 acres.
* All roads on property are complete on solid, original ground...
no "fill" areas.
* Four private 2+ acre parcels available within a ten acre property.
* 12 minutes to the Quepos airport or Quepos Hospital.
* 17 minutes to the new Marina Pez Vela in Quepos.
* Unsurpassed 360 degree vistas of ocean and mountains.
* All legal work to convey clean / clear / legal title is complete.
* NO PRE-SALE glitches, ready to build on !
* Price to sell $299,000 Brokers Protected.

Mike Michael email: mikemichael@bellsouth.net
U.S.A. phone: 770-310-1351
More information Click Here
Code: 9350-050419


Brand new Casa Palmera
Reduced from $389,000 to $349,000

This exquisite home is located within the EXCLUSIVE gated community. Casa Palmeras has 3 bedrooms with 3 bathrooms, large BBQ area and a spectacular pool over 12m long. The gated community offers the perfect location for home buyers who are seeking true relaxation and peace, also offers 2 tennis courts, miles of hiking trails through primary and secondary rain forest, serenity and privacy! Casa Palmeras is a 5-minute drive from the town of Quepos and the new Marina and just short drive to Manuel Antonio Park and beach. More information here http://palmaspacifica.com/home-for-sale/by-owner-casa-pacifica-3br-2ba/

7 Apartments for Sale
Price reduced to $289,000 USD

7 Apt Building For Sale By Owner- * 2000 m2 of property with room for additional apartment construction in the future. * GREAT INCOME POTENTIAL $25K- 540K yearly income potential with live in caretaker! *7 furnished studio apartments with sunny and bright open sliding window doors. Minutes from Quepos and the new Marina and a short drive from Manuel Antonio National Park and beach. More information here http://palmaspacifica.com/home-for-sale/7-apt-building-for-sale-by-owner-299000

Casa Palmera II
Price $299,000

Located within the EXCLUSIVE community , it has 3 bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, situated on a 50,000 sq ft lot with large BBQ area, private pool and a huge backyard, ideal for pet owners. It is a 5- minute drive from the town of Quepos and the Marina and a short drive to Manuel Antonio Park and beach.The community offers 2 tennis courts , miles of hiking trails through primary and secondary rain-forest, serenity and privacy!
More information here

Contact Us:
Local Office Phone (506) 2777-3339
Phone Rentals: 1-800-381 3770
Real Estate: 1-800-346 9724
Email: richard@manuelantonioestates.com
Visit Our Contact Page http://www.palmaspacifica.com/


Business For Sale
(paid category)

For Sale Versatile 2 Floors Building
in La Sabana


Completely remodeled building. 14 areas for residence and/or offices, call center, upscale storage. Transportation within 50 meters, commuter train, buses and taxis. In La Sabana, San Jose. School, park, gymnasium, tennis club and National soccer stadium walking distance. 24-hour security, many restaurants, clubs and social facilities nearby. Approximately 323 meter construction. Asking $295,000.
Contact Jim Holley
E-Mail: jimmy6902001@yahoo.com
Local CR phone: (506) 8912-5651

Three Cabins For Sale


In La Fortuna San Carlos. Price $145,000 USD
Three cabins for sale fully furnished with AC, hot water, micro waves, refrigerators, flat screen TV. three years old.Lot is 22 meters by 49 meters. fenced and gated with private drive.Fish and shrimp pond on property with several tropical plants as well as several fruit trees.Room for more new construction house or cabins. This property is in the country but close to Fortuna central.Cabins advertised on AirBnB. Good income property.
Call Harry +(506) 8682-9219


(paid category)


Browse Wyndham Timeshares for sale and rent by owner in Costa Rica at bargain prices. We connect existing timeshare owners with those looking to buy or rent a timeshare on the resale market.

Wyndham timeshares on the resale market are up to 50% cheaper than those sold through the resort.

Already own a timeshare and looking to sell? Stop Looking for a timeshare exit team and let BuyaTimeshare.com help you find a buyer or renter.
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LATER we'll calculate a lower install price for your PV system, now More Watts per Panel, Smarter and more Capable Enphase Micro Inverters mean Less Cost and more Flexibility for You. Fully Guaranteed!
Canadian Solar
Enphase M250 Microinverters
New experienced install crews

Paul (506) 8898-9398
Email: Paul.Furlong@CR-Solar.com
WEB: http://www.cr-solar.com/en/
Blog: www.crsolar.net

Seventh news page
Costa Rica business news

Paraíso Mayor will remain in power

By A.M. Costa Rica staff

The mayor of Paraíso, Marvin Solano, will remain in office despite a local referendum that took place on Sunday. The referendum sought to oust him for alleged irregularities but the number of votes required for his dismissal was not achieved.

As reported by the Municipal Council of Paraíso, 5,591 voted for Solano to step down while 3,435 voted to keep him in office.

The law requires a two-thirds vote in favor of his dismissal to withdraw his credentials.

The process was organized by the Municipal Council and was supervised by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal.

On Jan. 16, the Municipal Council approved the referendum on the grounds that that Solano was apparently responsible for irregularities in the granting of municipal permits.

This is the second time a municipality has organizes a local referendum. The first one took place in Pérez Zeledón in 2011, and the mayor at the time, Luis Mendieta, was dismissed.

"This triumph is the triumph of the people who love me, who appreciate me, who value me,” said Solano in his Facebook profile.

A.M. Costa Rica wire services photo
Marvin Solano will remain as the Paraíso Mayor until 2020, when his term expires.

Public notices

American Legion on Memorial Day
Remember, Memorial Day will be observed on Sunday, 11:00 a.m., 27th of May. The observation is organized by the Marine Corps League and sponsored by the American Legion. It will be followed with lunch at Las Brujas. You can google Escazú and then Las Brujas and the location will pop up on the map. Remember this is one of only three opportunities for the American Community to celebrate our heritage in Costa Rica, so spread the word among the Americans you may know and we can have a large turnout.

Kenneth Johnson Vice Commander,
Email: kstacey90@hotmail.com

Democrats Abroad Costa Rica
By popular demand we will be showing Michael Moore's Academy Award-winning film: Bowling for Columbine / Political documentary filmmaker Michael Moore explores the circumstances that lead to the 1999 Columbine High School massacre and, more broadly, the proliferation of guns and the high homicide rate in America. In his trademark provocative fashion, Moore accosts Kmart corporate employees and pleads with them to stop selling bullets, investigates why Canada doesn't have the same excessive rate of gun violence and questions actor Charlton Heston on his support of the National Rifle Association. The film was released in 2002 and things have only become worse. The film will be followed by moderated discussion… So don’t miss it! The film is 2 hours long so in order to have time we need to start our meeting at 9:00 a.m. sharp. Please be on time.

Date: Sat May 26, 2018 / 9:00 am - 12:30 pm at 27 Calle Rolex, Little Theater Group, San Rafael Escazú, San José.

At 12:30 everyone is invited to stay a little longer for a champagne send-off for David Truslow and Lucinda Gray who sadly for us are moving back to the states) David is a former Chair.

* Suggested donation: ₡3,000 (Contribution goes towards coffee, iced tea,meeting space & the Get Out the Vote campaign)
* 50-50 Drawing: Bring extra money for the 50-50 drawing to win a chance at receiving50% of what is raised from it.
* Tickets: ₡1,000 each (money raised goes towards our Get Out The Vote efforts)
* Free transfer from San José. Those desiring a free ride to Escazú can meet at Teatro Nacional by 8:30 a.m. promptly or earlier if all who reserved are present. We will provide a free ride back to San José at 1:00pm. Call Nelleke: 8614-2622 or contact Maxine at mtorresdacr@gmail.com You MUST reserve for a ride.

For the time, directions, map, ride share and full details. Click the link http://whoozin.com/VVK-FF4-HM33

If you have any questions or comments, please call Kathy Rothschild at 2244-2247 or email DemocratsAbroadCostaRica@gmail.com

Nelleke A. Bruyn
Email: bruynn@yahoo.com
Telephone numbers:
CR: Cell phone 8614-2622
USA: 317-663-7732