The bonus will be distributed among 117 artistic projects.
 / Ministry of Culture 
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Published Wednesday, July 22, 2020

$200,000-plus allocated for artist

By the A.M. Costa Rica staff

A bonus of $224,600 will be distributed among 117 artistic projects, donated by the Proartes Covid-19 fund of the Ministry of Culture.

According to the ministry, the beneficiaries will receive this supplement for financing the development of their artistic projects.

Also, all the bonus winners will be able to use the Melico Salazar Theatre  to produce their projects, as well as free use of the Zoom platform to develop training for winners.

The artistic projects will be included in the programming of the Ministry's website "Aqui Cultura" as a way to promote art.

According to the ministry, the bonus was distributed in five artistic categories and one for theater infrastructure, as follows:

• 11 circus projects will receive $16,450

• 6 storytelling projects will receive $9,000

• 35 dance projects will receive $65,650

• 35 theater projects will receive $64,610

• 16 other types of artistic projects will receive $31,520

• 14 projects for improvements to theaters infrastructure will receive $36,370

In total 210 projects proposals were received. The committee chose 117 for the bond. The artist sector is experiencing sanctioned business closings as a precautionary measure to contain the spreading of the covid-19 in the country

According to Sylvie Durán-Salvatierra, Minister of Culture, the tourism sector is in the process of applying the mandatory health guidelines that will allow the cultural activity to be resumed gradually.

The list of beneficiaries of this bonus can be found on the website of the Melico Salazar Theater.

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